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We Meet the Guys

A tall young man appeared next to our table. He couldn’t have been younger than nineteen, and it looked like there was another man his age right behind him. From the first man’s slight smile came a slow drawl that was difficult to follow at first. He had the drawl of my mother’s family from East Texas rather than the soft Mid-South accent Salisha and I had grown to enjoy.

“Would you, ladies, mind if my friend and I joined y’all? I asked him a question rather than answering his.

“Where are you two from?”

The second man answered, “We’re Navy. He’s from Texas, and I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mind if we sit down with you?”

I looked at Salisha as she looked back at me. Of course, we wanted them to sit down! My mind heated up as I searched for the answer that would not show our eagerness but would ensure they did sit with us.

“Sure, why not?” Salisha answered, and the men sat down.

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