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The Traffic Stop

At the same moment, I found the damn registration behind the last page in the manual. I quickly passed it to my flustered friend.

“Here they are,” she almost stuttered as she handed her license and the registration out of the driver door window.

Again, the policeman didn’t take them. “I said, get out of the car, girl!”

“Okay, sorry.” Salisha’s voice trembled. Then she opened the door with her left hand and, for some reason, handed me her license and the registration I had just given her. I took them.

Once out of the car, she stood then turned around when directed by the positively peeved patrolman. After slowly looking her over, front and back, he said, now looking at her back, “License and registration.”

Realizing her stupid mistake, Salisha started to lean back in to retrieve the requested documents I held in my extended hand. I still had my seatbelt connected.

“Stay out of the car!” the officer practically shouted as he grabbed and pushed her to the left, away from the open door.

I think Salisha tried to turn to face him. At any rate, he grabbed her arm, and with a twist, she was suddenly on the ground with his knee on her back. As the officer proceeded to cuff my buddy, I shouted, “I’ve got them. Here, I’ve got her license and registration!”

“Stay in the car! Stay in the car!” His low, threatening voice left no doubt we had crossed some line.

I stayed where I was, still holding the requested items toward the open driver’s door. He lifted Salisha to a vertical position and walked her to the patrol car where he put her in the back seat behind a grill that separated those in front from whoever was unlucky enough to be in the rear seat.

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The Adonis

Sitting at the rear of the class, a six-foot-tall Adonis with beautiful, wavy chestnut hair and muscular shoulders did his best to appear bored—probably a football player. However, he could have easily been in the movies with his clear tan complexion and his captivating smile. I needed to get to know this boy! Salisha and I had never been to school with boys who were beyond the ninth grade. This junior was almost a man! After the third day of classes, I told my best friend I had to get to know Ralph—a name I studiously learned from the teacher taking attendance. Salisha agreed that he and I would make a super couple and that she would obviously help me land the catch of my lifetime. Thus, began flip-flopping roles in our relationship. I believe guys would have called that taking turns being the wingman.

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The Pill

The bright and inviting waiting room had pale-green walls that smelled of disinfectant. On one side, opposite the chair-lined walls, a small counter awaited us.

“May I help you?” The receptionist appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She acted as if this were the most normal thing around. For me, it was the most daring thing I had ever done. I am sure that it was for Salisha too.

The receptionist chatted with us as if we had dropped by to get our teeth cleaned. My hands were sweating; my upper lip followed suit; and my stomach did unfamiliar maneuvers. At the same time, I became aware that my toes were bent in my tennis shoes as if to hold on to the floor (or a slippery slope). I think we filled out some paperwork. My mind was speeding and ricocheting like the little metal balls in a pinball machine.

“Which of you would like to see the doctor first?”

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The First Time

In under three minutes, the guys came back with smiles on their faces. “We’ve got the keys. We’re paid up for one hour, but we can stay longer and settle up when we leave, if we want to,” Lance reported.
He drove around, behind one of the rows of cabins, and parked in an inconspicuous spot that could not be seen from the highway. We all got out.
Lance held up the room key and said, “We are over here,” as he started for one of the small cabins. Salisha and I dutifully tagged along.
“Hey, wait. You and me are over here,” Milo said softly to Salisha.
Everyone froze. Salisha and I chimed in in harmony, “What?”
“Yeah, the guy said he could only rent a room to two people, but it’s okay, we had enough money,” explained Salisha’s Puerto Rican, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“I don’t think so,” I said as I took a hesitant step backward toward the car.
“There are no refunds,” said Lance. “Actually, we didn’t think it was a big deal. We honestly didn’t think y’all would mind.”
My mind raced. The let’s-find-a-reason-not-to-do-this section of my brain seemed to be on a coffee break.
Nothing was coming to my rescue. I wasn’t quite to the panic mode. However, the adventurer in me was draining rapidly into the cool afternoon air.
“Aw come on, girls! We’re just gonna have some fun watching some flicks.” Milo restated the purpose of our escapade.
“If Lance gets out of hand, just give us a call, and we’ll come running,” he added as he smiled and took Salisha’s hand, leading her to the adjacent cabin.
“Well, okay,” I responded, having given up totally on my brain to bail me out of this uncomfortable situation. Also, if I were to be honest with myself, I could sense the feeling of excitement begin to slowly take the place of the pre-panic that was just beginning to wane.
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