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Kindle and NOOK

Save now! Get your copy of Kindle or NOOK version of A Cork Upon the Sea. Also, the second novel of the adventures of the now adult friends, A Slip into the Abyss, is nearing completion.

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Pam’s Café

Excerpt time:

The cool interior of the small café was furnished with four mismatched tables—two to the right and two to the left of a curved wooden counter. At each table were four equally mismatched chairs. Occupying three of those chairs at the nearest of the tables to my left were three old men.

They tried not to show their interests were instantly aroused by an unfamiliar face entering their domain. However, I knew I would continue to be mentioned in the old men’s groups around town for at least a few days, if not more. “This young thang from up north come in to Pam’s the other day. Come to find out, the sheriff had sent her down there while he figured out what to do about her colored friend who he had locked up at the jail.” Or something like that.

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E-versions are out!

Digital versions of A Cork Upon the Sea are available. Find them on

Enjoy Life–Read

Kindle and NOOK to name a couple.

Search for me or for the book on the bookstore’s site.

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Congratulations, Winners!

This is my first give away! Comments on my latest book have been great! This morning  (CST), I pulled three of your names out of a box to receive a free autographed copy of A Cork Upon the Sea. Here they are:

Kasia Ferguson, Mary Williams, Deanna Griggs

If you are one of these lucky followers, please go to my blog ( under the section “Wanna Say Something” and email me an address where I can send you your autographed book. If you have a special dedication that you would like, please include it in the e-mail.

Thank you to all that follow–please spread the word!


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Give Away!

Tomorrow is the drawing for the autographed books for three lucky followers of this blog.




I will contact the winners via email.

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