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Digital Available in Online Bookstores!

For you folks that like reading on tablets and phones, A Slip into the Abyss is now available in most online bookstores.

Of course the paperback can be ordered online too.

Don’t worry about Amazon saying they only have 1 copy left; more are on the way.

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Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.

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In the Stores!

My latest book in the Wanda series is now in the stores (Amazon, B&N, etc.) If you are a Kindle or Nook reader, it will still be another week. Hang in there!


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A Quick Update

Wow! Amazon just put one of my previous books on sale for $0.00 for Kindle unlimited people.

Secondary teachers, since you’re not currently in the classroom check it out:

CyclicMastery:  a six-step program to improved student performance in the secondary classroom by [Barger, David ]

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Start the Presses

♥ I have given the final go-ahead for printing.

“A Slip into the Abyss”

should be at your favorite spot in 4 to 6 weeks.


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Soon to be released!

Great reviews! Coming soon on digital and in paperback.


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A Slip into the Abyss (layout)

The second book in the Wanda series has completed layout! This is where it looks like pages in a book rather than pages on a word processor. Next up is the cover artwork. Publication is getting close.  If you liked the first book, you are going to love this one.

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A Slip into the Abyss

The ominous wind from the dark-green clouds swirled to connect with the deadly vortex rising from the earth. The tornado lasted a scant two minutes. In that time, it raced across the high school sports complex and down College Street. The roaring wind crushed the old gym, pinning Wanda under tons of debris. It entombed the volleyball team in darkness below the same gymnasium. It ripped down College Street for no more than two blocks before returning to its raging home in the monstrous clouds.

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Part of Press Release

Recent release “A Cork upon the Sea” from Page Publishing author David Barger is the first installment of a trilogy introducing Wanda, a white girl from a military family who just moved into her small Tennessee town, and her new best friend Salisha, a black girl and transplant from Ohio to their recently desegregated school. Together they confront the challenges of growing up and the entrenched racism in their high school and beyond.

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Book two is on to the editor!

I sent the second book in the Wanda trilogy, A Slip Into the Abyss to my editor today. I feel like a father allowing someone to hold his newborn daughter for the first time.

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