The First Time

In under three minutes, the guys came back with smiles on their faces. “We’ve got the keys. We’re paid up for one hour, but we can stay longer and settle up when we leave, if we want to,” Lance reported.
He drove around, behind one of the rows of cabins, and parked in an inconspicuous spot that could not be seen from the highway. We all got out.
Lance held up the room key and said, “We are over here,” as he started for one of the small cabins. Salisha and I dutifully tagged along.
“Hey, wait. You and me are over here,” Milo said softly to Salisha.
Everyone froze. Salisha and I chimed in in harmony, “What?”
“Yeah, the guy said he could only rent a room to two people, but it’s okay, we had enough money,” explained Salisha’s Puerto Rican, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“I don’t think so,” I said as I took a hesitant step backward toward the car.
“There are no refunds,” said Lance. “Actually, we didn’t think it was a big deal. We honestly didn’t think y’all would mind.”
My mind raced. The let’s-find-a-reason-not-to-do-this section of my brain seemed to be on a coffee break.
Nothing was coming to my rescue. I wasn’t quite to the panic mode. However, the adventurer in me was draining rapidly into the cool afternoon air.
“Aw come on, girls! We’re just gonna have some fun watching some flicks.” Milo restated the purpose of our escapade.
“If Lance gets out of hand, just give us a call, and we’ll come running,” he added as he smiled and took Salisha’s hand, leading her to the adjacent cabin.
“Well, okay,” I responded, having given up totally on my brain to bail me out of this uncomfortable situation. Also, if I were to be honest with myself, I could sense the feeling of excitement begin to slowly take the place of the pre-panic that was just beginning to wane.
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We Meet the Guys

A tall young man appeared next to our table. He couldn’t have been younger than nineteen, and it looked like there was another man his age right behind him. From the first man’s slight smile came a slow drawl that was difficult to follow at first. He had the drawl of my mother’s family from East Texas rather than the soft Mid-South accent Salisha and I had grown to enjoy.

“Would you, ladies, mind if my friend and I joined y’all? I asked him a question rather than answering his.

“Where are you two from?”

The second man answered, “We’re Navy. He’s from Texas, and I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mind if we sit down with you?”

I looked at Salisha as she looked back at me. Of course, we wanted them to sit down! My mind heated up as I searched for the answer that would not show our eagerness but would ensure they did sit with us.

“Sure, why not?” Salisha answered, and the men sat down.

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There it is

Our Future
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